The makeup post

The makeup post
I realize that I have done bits and pieces on what makeup I wear and why but I wanted to do an official make up post with details on all my favorite products, brands, shades and also some tips and tricks I've picked up over the years..enjoy!

In the way of foundation, concealer, primer etc I wear very little of anything since I prefer to put my efforts into getting rid of blemishes than covering them but I adore stila's concealer in fair, I use it under my eyes when I have bags or round my nose to cover up redness. 
In winter I use maybelline satin liquid foundation since its light and moisturizing and still provides good cover, also you only need the tiniest bit. The trick with foundation is not to cover your whole face since noones face is all one colour, just concentrate on areas like nose and chin to conceal redness. In summer I sometimes use Max factor second skin since its more like a tinted moisturizer.
I'm fine doing without foundation of any sort (just a dab of moisturizer) but I CANNOT go out without some bronzer or blusher dashed across my cheeks. It just makes me look so much more  awake! Im not keen on anything too shimmery so I love this duo by clinique (centre) where I mix the two and (using my bodyshop blusher brush) sweep below my cheek bones. If im going for a more natural look then ill just rub on some cream blusher like this great one from natural collection at boots which was only two pounds!
For me, eyeliner is a must. It really opens your eyes and makes then seem more dramatic and sultry. I vary between a clean swipe of liquid eyeliner (well I cheat a little bit with the maybelline define a line - its one of those felt tip ones for clumsy people like me) and smudgy black pencil liner (my favorite in NYC's black one) as for mascara I have always relied on max factor's false lash effect, you just cant beat it, but sometimes I feel more daring and try a coloured lash like benefits Badgal in plum.
I am pretty boring when it comes to the likes of lipsticks and glosses and such. I literally stick to basics and just slick on some carmex :P but sometimes, when I can be bothered, I'll use either my Lancome juicy tubes or a Jemma KId lip gloss that was given to me :)
Over the last year there has rarely been a day when I haven't gone without nail varnish. Whether it's a plain and simple Sally hansen palest pink or bright corals and bronzes from No7 and Ruby & Millie. I love playing around with various colours (I've even tried mixing a few like potions) but No7 pillar box red is my all time unbeatable favorite..
..Hope I haven't rambled on too much, just don't get me started on my skin care routine ok? ;) kisses M x

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