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Yves Saint Laurent clutch
I use a Canon digital IXUS 8015, it's pretty old now but I love it to pieces :)
If its a photo of me its either taken by a friend or family member or indoors I sometimes use a tripod, any other photos are taken by me
If I do a collage post I often use Polyvore, it's an amazing site and gives you access to most high street and designer brands, a perfect way to find a new look or some inspiration!
By Malene Birger top
At the moment..
I am at school studying english lit, psychology, history and art. 
Levi's jeansRay-Ban sunglasses
I have quite a versatile style and I'm very open minded when it comes to clothing but I find myself frequently being drawn to classic styles and shapes such as the Breton top or a cream blazer. I admire the whole 'boy/girl'/ 'boyfriend style' thing because I think it takes a confident sexy woman to make it work. When shopping I gravitate to pretty nail polishes and bright bags, often yellow and orange catch my eye since I like playful colour and discovering interesting combinations and clashes. Jeans are a huge element in my wardrobe and I think nothing looks more attractive that some platforms and a pair of black skinnies. Seriously, I could wear just that to a red carpet event and still feel ulra-glamorous and sexy. When it comes to shoes I'm pretty much a through and through boot girl, I love anything from knee high riding boots to suede pixie boots but they have to be flat or sky high, I really don't get kitten heels. Another staple for me is the aviator glasses, made famous by the army and navy, they just suit my face better than another sunglasses and I don't think ill ever look back :)
Alot of the inspiration for how I present myself to other people comes from those who I see on a day to day basis such as family and friends, most of the women in my family are strong and confident at the same time as being feminine and most have short hair which might be where I get my love of short styles from :P my friends are also extremely fashion conscious and boast such an eclectic mix of styles that I can't help having a easy, playful approach to fashion. I look at it like dressing up, an activity that should be fun and interesting :) I try not to be too influenced by celebrities or magazines or models but I adore Rachel Bilsons effortless style and I love Sienna Millers quirky sunkissed red carpet look, she never ceases to amaze me. 
Film - Forrest Gump
Book - Catcher in the Rye
Proenza Schouler ankle booties
Song - Tainted love (Soft cell) & Dressed to digress (Boy crisis)

Designer - Yves saint laurent, Tom ford
Highstreet - Zara, H&M
Food - Soups, mango, homemade burgers
Drink - Alcoholic ginger beer
Place - Scotland (Mull) or The Ardeche in France
Colour - Black (but occasionally orange or gold or something)
Thing to do - get the bus into town with my friends when it's really hot and mess about too lazy to shop/ parties/ family meals out or cooking for everyone in/ singing 

Love Morgan