Ive relocated!

Ive relocated! I wanted a fresh start for a while now so if your interested head on over to Its the gold my new site I'd love to see some feed back from farmiliar faces :) Thankyou so much for your support and patience 


{Interior} Wall collage

Had such a productive evening sticking up all of the little pictures, tickets, notes and memories I've had stored away for ages, hope you like it, love M x


{Interview} Poppy

Thankyou so much to the lovely people from Boticca (a unique and dazzling online jewellery market) for an interview with the fashion editor Poppy, read on for some great advice on styling and Poppy's picks for the season.

Describe your personal style
I don’t really have a set style per say. One day I might feel like keeping it casual with leggings, a lumberjack shirt and simple bangle and the next, I might go for a gold lame dress complete with clutch, mountain of bangles and chandelier earrings. It all depends on how much time I have and how I’m feeling that day really! If I were to define it though I guess I would say classic with a twist, I’m a true lover of unique and vintage pieces and I think this shows through into my personal style.
Are there any jewellery rules you live by? For example can silver and gold be worn together?
I’m really not one for fashion rules. I think that trusting your instincts and wearing what you’re happy with are the best indicators. Coco Chanel advised to always take off one accessory before going out so if ever I need a bit of guidance I follow these wise words.
What do you look for in a piece of jewellery?
I really like my jewelry to mean something and each of my pieces has a memory attached to it. My favorite necklace is a lapis lazuli and diamond necklace my grandmother gave me for my wedding and I constantly wear by Super Copine bracelet by BijouxBar by Vivien Frank given to me by my best friend. I like all types of jewelry from bold to simple but for me jewelry is such a personal thing, I want something unique that I’m not going to find on 10 other girls walking down the street.
Do you prefer to shop highstreet, designer or vintage and why?
I’m always on the hunt for something unique, not run of the mill pieces that I can see anywhere. I love the idea that everything I wear really has a feeling behind it, that it meant something to the designer to make and their attachment to the piece makes it more emotionally valuable to me. This is why I buy the vast majority of my jewelry on Boticca or from my favorite vintages boutiques.
What will be your staple piece for the winter season?
Having lived in Dubai for the past few years I am still getting used to winter back here in the UK and I have to say I’m not loving it! I can’t bear feeling cold and from about November onwards I have a scarf wrapped around my neck at all times. Right now I am literally obsessing about Bonana Van Mil’s NDEBELE ROSE ETOILE scarf. The colors, the fringing, the luxurious size, there are not enough words to sum up how beautiful this scarf is!

I’m also a keen skier so Astis’ Crestone mittens are a must for keeping me toasty and for a bit of winter glam.
I love Alan Hayden’s Lena Tote Bag in Red Pony Personalized by Alan Hayden. I’m trying to be a bit more responsible with my spending and this tote is a true investment.

What was the idea behind boticca?
Boticca is the brainchild of Kiyan Foroughi and Avid Larizadeh and the creative spark behind it was lit in Morocco.
Kiyan happened to meet a designer called Miriam in the souks and was quickly enchanted by her work. He quickly discovered that there was far more than just beauty to her work, it went further than that with her designs having both a meaning and a story. Frustrated with the fact that only a few lucky people would get to experience her pieces, Kiyan and Avid sought to change that and that is how Boticca came to be. 

View more large tote bagsscarves for women and other unique accessories from Boticca.


Rockets and stars

Earrings my brother bought me last year in a little boutique place I've forgotten the name of, love how much they sparkle in the sunlight!


Welcome to the boatyard

A few snaps taken during the mini heatwave we experienced a few weeks back. I spent it with my grandparents who live on a boatyard (they build and paint narrow boats for a living) - the perfect place to set an outfit post doncha think!  P.S what do you think of my Vivienne Westwood wellington booties? They don't go with alot but sometimes you need an item in your wardrobe that only comes out a few times a year, wows people, and then disappears again. 
Wearing: Topshop blouse, staple H&M skirt, Asos knee socks, Vivienne Westwood wellies