Half finished

Some quick snaps of some bracelets I've been wearing this past week and more importantly my half finished prom dress! It so beautiful, I don't think I've ever been in love with a dress more! Sue still needs to attach the criss crossing straps though hence why I'm clutching it to my chest and why the back looks rather high when in fact its super super low :) The other things I love about this dream of a dress are the rucheing detail around the behind, the way the fabric is cut at an angle (against the grain of the material) and the gorgeous fishtail end which is going to have a wrist loop attached so I can dance properly without tripping (I'm way too clumsy). Sorry to just gush on excitedly but it was such a pick me up to see after a lousy day :)

A LITTLE HELP? I have too many ideas for what colours or style of accessories to pair with this dress (I need shoes and a bag) so if you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them :)


  1. Looks like if you pair it with some brightly colored bejeweled collar, you'll be the belle of the ball

  2. hmm i hadnt thought of that but thanks, i'll be sure to explore that option :) much love xx

  3. I love the back of this dress. youre going to look gorgeous and have so much fun. Im thinking some diamond jewels. As for shoes, Im not entirely sure. I would say a red lip but Idk how much youd want that for your prom. You might want to stay natural. Thats always great too. You could always do soft pink. Im so excited for you! Have a great week :]

  4. thanks for the sweet comment Madison, I love those ideas, ive decided to go with a nude-peach colour and my earrings have the whole diamond thing going on so thanks so much for your advice, not sure if im brave enough for a red lip though but we'll see :) xoxo