Sweet tooth

Say hello to your new summer pallet, inspired by one of my favorite treats -  ice cream. Personally this trend says to me 'remember all of those Dr.Zeus films you used to watch when you were a kid, where everything was pastel and everyone matched?' So I'll admit that when this new muted colour scheme was brought to my attention it  may have sent a slight shudder down my spine. HOWEVER although we all know I'm not the girliest girl and that I still can't really get my head round some of these floral frocks that my grandma frequently dons which all of my friends also wear, I am attempting to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe through the simple, brilliant art of clever accesorizing (the occasional pastel clutch/baby blue vintage shades) and into my make up bag (Barry M'sice cream nail varnishes in alternate colors.) If your brave enough to tackle sickly sweet trend from head to toe  then remember you don't want to look to bland or one colour so spice up your look with a pop of coral lipstick, some clashing sunnies or some tan leather accessories to break the color!


  1. I love that pink shade! It is so beautiful! Thanks for the link and your sweet comment! The soft focus on my photo is not added on. It comes because of the big aperture I use. It focuses on the flower and everything in the background automatically becomes soft. Have a lovely day!

    Kristin xo

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