{Ten} things that made me smile today

1. Running through puddles in tiny ballet pumps
2. Sharing an umbrella with the best friend
3. Painting my nails Pillar box red in the shelter from the rain and getting lots of funny looks
4. Chatting to strangers who make me laugh
5. Generally laughing until my stomach hurt
6. Free food
7. Finding my scarf in UO for 12 pounds when I snagged it in a charity shop for two!
8. Getting lost and only asking hot people for directions
9. Hating on the boys wearing chinos (no, you do not belong to One Direction and yes, very few people can actually pull this look off.)
10. Meeting up with all the girls for a beautiful candle lit meal ;)


  1. you just made me smile!



  2. thankyou :)

    and i just checked your blog out, love it! x