Long time, no see

My best friend Lauren at the docks in Bristol
Chunky crucifixes crafted from precious materials such as jade
I just looked at my last post to find that it was from months and months ago, how sad :( I am definitely going to make an effort NOT to neglect this blog any longer... so what can I share with you from the last few months or so of interest... I've started college, well its not technically like starting afresh because its just a separate building in the same grounds as my high school but i'm considering it a new chapter! I went to a house party last weekend, got black out drunk and woke up on Sunday with a million regrets and a very swollen knee that I had to hobble to the Doctors on, this was not a good day, in fact this was a horrible day. I also have a really strong urge to get some more piercings, possibly a few in my ear depending on how much metal my freakishly minuscule ears can take.. and that's about it! A few snippets from the past while. 
I'd love to know what my readers have been up to while I've been being very lazy and very bad! ( that's if I still have any left! *gulp* )


  1. Love your blog! It looks so smart & easygoing!
    (& I would love if you checked out my blog dear!)


  2. do continue blogging :) x

    steph /absolutely-fuzzy.com