Hitched up

Outfit details: Soft grey sweater, H&M vest top (just seen), All saints hitch skirt, Ollie and Nic bag, Zara pumps
Hey, heres a couple of photos I shot of my new All saints hitch skirt which I found (practically stole) on ebay. I love the lightweight linen fabric and the gypsy feel it has too it, paired it with a sweater that I found at the back of my wardrobe and got bored with so I cut it into an asymmetrical crop sweater thing. I love cutting up my clothes, theres just something so satisfying about that imperfect, frayed, rugged edge you get when clothes are distressed or well worn, it shows that they are well loved :) Kisses M x


  1. Spot on, babe! Well worn tees made the prefect items for cutting! Try cutting holes into tees. I have a daily outfit post on biker's chic with a well-worn tee dress full of holes. That might be an inspiration ;)


  2. It looks great like this! There really is nothing better than a grey worn-out tee :)