All chopped off!

Dear readers, I would love to say that I spontaneously rang the salon at nine on the weekend and casually asked Debbie to chop all of my hair off, however, I have instead been scrutinizing every possible short hair style, stalking celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Frankie Sandford online to see exactly how they wear their hair and repeatedly asking my friends for their opinion.. When it came down to it I realized that I hardly ever wore my hair down anymore because it was at a very awkward length and the ends were a little damaged from excessive colouring so I didnt really have alot to lose. Debbie chucked me a stack of magazines and together we scoured through all of them - me pointing out heavy sweeping fringes and rough beachy textures until I'd settled on the perfect style, chopping all of my hair off has really brought out a more edgy, confident side of me, hope you like it as much as i do!

P.S just to let you know that my new favorite option for casual shoes is stealing my brothers converse, much love M x  - sorry about the pouting ;)

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  1. love these pictures, especially the black and white ones ps your hair looks fantastics
    x kk