{Interior} Rich colors

The perfect little bedside table..
Purple and mustard - who would have thought
Cannot decide if these curtains are hideous or genius
My favorite one! - I love green in rooms and the whole tassel thing makes it seem a little oriental
Such a beautiful desk..
(All images from www.idealhome.com)
Shoe storage heaven! I really don't think I could even fill half that cupboard though, my baby shoe collection is still growing ;) I'm not thinking about redecorating by the way (I can never decide on a certain color scheme - so I stick to neutral and change up the furniture e.t.c regularly) but I love anything interior, I even sometimes buy home magazines and make collages of how I want my house when I'm older but shhh!

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  1. i love these pictures this house is amazing i am such a fan of wallpaper : ) so many good ones out there
    x kk