Easy-breezy eye makeup

Firstly, this is my first 'make up look' so I hope you don't mind that it is very simple but I will do some other more adventurous looks soon so stay tuned ;) P.S: sorry about the dressing gown haha
Okay for this particular look I used these products:
If you want me to specify the colors/shades of anything I'm wearing just comment :)
1. Before you apply any makeup its important to wash your face with cold water (to close pores) and moisturize your skin well (clean and clear moisturizer is great because its not to oily) I also use an eye cream because it reduces the size of bags without having to lash on the concealer
2. Next I skip straight to foundation because luckily I don't get to many blemishes so I don't need to use a concealer or primer but if you usually do then apply them now
3. Next I apply my blusher (In winter make sure you choose something more matte than shimmery because sparkles don't look good in harsh winter lighting) using a bodyshop brush and I just swirl it into the apples of my cheeks, its best to smile when your doing this because it makes the apples more prominent!
4. Eyeliner time! (picture one) it took me a long time to be able to do eyeliner well and I still need to use those kind of felt tip ones but I find if you pull the skin gently so that its more taunt and work outside in its alot easier. Also flicks are optional but I find they really open my eyes.
5. (picture two) I apply one light coat of mascara to my bottom lashes and I try not to go to the tips because I have ridiculously long eyelashes.
6. I do a couple of coats on the top lashes and then sometimes use an eyelash comb if there are any clumps!
7. Lastly I slick on some lip tint (I can't stand wearing most lipsticks/lip glosses) and your good to go!

Hope this wasn't to boring and also I know the pictures aren't to helpful but I pull the funniest expressions when applying makeup (something I'll have to work on) 


  1. I really like this look on you! I also love putting on my make up that way :). Great post! Also I think almost every female pulls funny expressions when putting on make up, it's a normal thing! :p

  2. thankyou!! and I think so too but it doesnt make a great photo, belive me ;) x

  3. gorgeous! i love your eyes and the eyeliner brings them out. adorable.
    and from my point of view the gown looks luxurious. :)

  4. thankyou and glad you think so ;)