Above: two of my favorite images that I've stumbled across in the last while. (again I have forgotten to take note of the sources, I am still getting the hang of all this)When I put them together the first thing I thought of was that both kind of represent disguise. In the same way that fashion is a disguise, your not just putting on clothes in the morning, your putting on the person you were/are/aspire to be, every piece of clothing has a different persona, so when you dress you dress to become a certain character, elegant, womanly, edgy, rock chic... you may be thinking 'she's just rambling on about how 'great' fashion is' but the point is that its more than that, its an armor to hide behind and at the same time an insight to our most subtle personality traits its a way to explore the sides of yourself you didn't know existed and most importantly a way to show others 'what were all about' because it only takes five seconds for a complete stranger to have made a snap judgement of you, so give them something to judge. Kisses,
P.S: I would love to know what your 'style is' let me know what words/characters come into you heads when your deciding what to wear? Are you a grunge girl or more pearls and tea dresses? 


  1. lovely photos! youre blog is so cute.
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    hope you'll come and visit us soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie