Banana milkshakes and red lace

Topshop top, H&M leather skirt, Topshop leggings, Charity shopped ankle boots, Vint necklace, Topshop purse.

Enjoyed a lovely day out with the family at the seaside before returning to school, we visited the aquarium (my idea.) I don't know why but I just find fish so fascinating to watch when you think about all their beautifully clashing colour combinations and odd patterns and stripes, they must be the most fashionable animals on the planet right? We also walked down to the pier where I sipped on banana milkshake..mmm and took photos of the stormy view back. Also wanted to mention my new obsession, this little glitter coated beauty a friend bought me, I'm not quite sure where it fits in in my wardrobe though, its too small to be a clutch but to extravagant to be an every day purse? Kisses


  1. loving this!
    im such a fan of your blog, you know ill be back!
    hope you had a happy new year!
    come visit COSMICaroline for revamped looks and stay tuned for a new blog photographer in the works!


  2. i love that clutch! it is so fun! your pictures are fabulous too!


  3. thanks for the comments and CMA i am now following xxx