10 things that make me happy

(Idea may have been cheekily stolen from Rockstar Diaries ;) one of my favorite blogs)
1. Nights in with girlfriends,a good movie and take away
2.Laughing so hard my tummy hurts
3.Walking up to strange cats and making friends with them 
4.Thrift shopping
5. People with amazing hair
6. Caramel lattes
7.Applying nail polish perfectly
8. Singing. Any time. Any where
9. Party games (real ones,not little kid ones)
10. Cities in winter,and getting utterly lost in them


  1. Seeing people with amazing hair makes me happy too! ahahah, great post. Have a good week!

  2. Great blog. And wow, that picture and the effect you did on it is fantastick.

    singing any time any where, makes me happy too.
    even though I think my singing is making other people less happy.

    I'm following you.
    Please follow me back! :)


  3. thanks for the comment and of course id love too xxx