1. Name a film you have seen more than any other?
P.S I love you, Moulin Rouge
2.Who or what makes you laugh?
Who? Phone calls with Pimz, What? wife swap U.S.A
3.Describe a happy childhood memory?
Going to the fairground with my mum
4.What are you proudest of achieving this week?
Spring cleaning my wardrobe, I have way too many pairs of jeans.
5.Whats your go-to comfort food?
Croissants with butter. Mmmm
6.What characteristic about your star sign is most true to you?
determined emotional, passionate, obsessive
7.Whats the best bargain you've bought?
An Elizabeth Arden quilted bag I have abused for about a year - for a fiver :O
8.What is your current obsession?
rings, and my worn leather belt that I have worn non-stop for about three weeks.
9.What is your favourite type of weather?
really really hot and sunny.
10.What do you look for in a friend?
Honesty, friends should never be fake or tell you something looks good when it doesn't.
11.Who do you want to meet in person?
Karla from karla's closet and Barack Obama
12.What is your dream job?
Maybe journalist, or film director.
13.Who is your favorite model?
Female? Miranda Kerr Male? Mat Gordon.

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